Senin, 17 Mei 2010

2010 | Hunting Fields Catalog VOL. I

Dash Dress

Batsy Dress

Aisa Dress

Fin Dress

Glow Dress

Deck Dress

Highjack Cage Bolero

Highjack Stripe Bolero

Jabba Dress

Julies Dress

Kimi Bolero

Lila Dress

Lolita Dress

Lourdes Dress

Marc Dress

Moto Dress

Mummy Dress

Rare bolero

Satr Dress

Seed Dress

Slap Bolero

Sort Dress

Speed Jacket

Triangle Jacket

Vebia Dress

Volt Jacket

Wrap dress

Andre Djuanda

Syatra Aulia

Make up Artist
Wiky Halim

Art Director
Adit Puspoyo

3 komentar:

  1. Hello! Just want to say I love your designs!! I have just bought the Marc dress and Kimi Bolero and really love them. One question though - do they need to be dry cleaned, or can I hand wash in cold water?


  2. Hi, how can I order Flower Bomb Bag?


  3. very edgy , bold and timeless !
    I love your designs !